Unit 6 Exam Short Answer Critical Thinking Making Inferences

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Unit 6 Exam
Short Answer
Critical Thinking
1. Making Inferences If the National Organization for Women became a third party, would it likely be thought of as a single-issue party or an ideological party? Why?
2. Hypothesizing In what ways would strong third parties make the American political system more democratic?
3. Making Inferences Explain why expanding voting rights to include more citizens may result in a lower percentage of turnout at the polls.
4. Determining Cause and Effect Explain how the concept of "soft money" allowed PACs and other large contributors to get around laws that limited donations to candidates' campaigns.
5. Explaining How does the way television programs portray a racial or religious group affect that group's relationships with the rest of society.
6. Analyzing Explain why in 1996 Congress made major changes in government regulation of the electronic media. Cite three changes that were made.

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