Unit 6 & 8 syllabus imperialism & wwi (1890-1918)

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UNIT 6 & 8 SYLLABUS Imperialism & WWI (1890-1918)

Goal 6: Emergence of the US in World Affairs (1890-1914) – The learner will

analyze causes and effects of the US emergence as a world power.

  • 6.01: Examine the factors that led to the US taking an increasingly active role in world affairs

  • 6.02: Identify the areas of the US’s military, economic, and political involvement and influence

  • 6.03: Describe how the policies and actions of the US government impacted the affairs of other countries

Goal 8:The Great War & It’s Aftermath (1914-1930)-The learner will analyze US involvement

in WWI & the war’s influence on international affairs during the 1920’s.

  • 8.01:Examine the reasons why the US remained neutral at the beginning of WWI, but later became involved

  • 8.02:Identify political and military turning points of the war and determine their significance to the outcome

Of the conflict

  • 8.03: Assess the political, economic, social, and cultural effects of the war on the US & other nations

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