Unit 5 Study Guide Key Terms

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Unit 5 Study Guide

Key Terms:

Angel Island Hepburn Act Muckrakers

Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy Halfbreeds Mugwumps

Bull-Moose Party Hull House McKinley Tariff

Civil Service Commission Initiative NAACP

Clayton Antitrust Act Interstate Commerce Commission Niagara Movement

Election of 1912 Jim Crow Laws NAWSA

Ellis Island Literacy Test New Freedom

Federal Reserve Act Lynching New Nationalism

Federal Trade Commission Individualism Progressivism

Gospel of Wealth Meat Inspection Act Political Machine

Plessy v. Ferguson Payne-Aldrich Tariff Pendleton Act

Poll Tax Pure Food and Drug Act Referendum

Recall Sherman Antitrust Act Secret Ballot

Stalwarts Square Deal Social Darwinism

Social Gospel Movement Settlement House Movement Temperance Movement

The Jungle Trusts Tammany Hall

WCTU 16th Amendment 17th Amendment

18th Amendment 19th Amendment Underwood Tariff
Key People:

Alice Paul Andrew Carnegie Boss Tweed

Charles Guiteau Carrie Chapman Catt Booker T. Washington

Chester Arthur Eugene V. Debs Benjamin Harrison

Ida B. Wells-Barnett Jane Addams Jacob Riis

James Garfield John D. Rockefeller John Spargo

Grover Cleveland Ida Tarbell Lincoln Steffens

Mark Twain Robert LaFollette Rutherford B. Hayes

Teddy Roosevelt Thomas Nast Upton Sinclair

WEB DuBois William H. Taft Woodrow Wilson

Key Topics

  1. Influence of political machines on the government during the Gilded Age

  2. Influence of big business on the government during the Gilded Age

  3. Describe how Thomas Nast depicts Tammany Hall

  4. Goals of the Progressive Era

  5. Goals of the muckrakers

  6. Impact of immigration on society/work.

  7. Booker T. Washington vs. WEB DuBois

  8. Alice Paul vs. Carrie Chapman Catt

  9. Shortfalls of Progressivism

  10. Accomplishments of Progressivism

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