Unit 5 Reading Quiz 2 Name

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Unit 5 Reading Quiz 2 Name:________________________________________
Part I. Sentence Completion. Chose the word that best completes the sentence. Use the word bank.
The (1)_______ ended military rule and set up a civil government in Puerto Rico, which became a protectorate of the United States.
The people of the Philippines were led by (2)_______ in an unsuccessful 3-year war against U.S. troops, hoping to gain their independence.
Puerto Ricans and Filipinos were subject to American rule, but did not enjoy all American rights, as determined by the (3)_____, which ruled that the Constitution did not automatically apply to people in acquired territories.
As the twentieth century dawned, the emergence of powerful European spheres of influence in Asia shaped U.S. Secretary of State (4)________’s development of the (5)_____.
The (6)______ resulted in attacks on foreign-owned properties, including U.S. interests, because the Open Door policy attempted to secure for the United States the same power enjoyed by other Western countries in China.
The U.S. was set free from the shackles of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850 with Britain, through the (7)______, which gave the U.S. the right to build and fortify a canal across the isthmus of Panama.
Japan received half of Sakhalin Island and Russia agreed to let Japan take over Russian interests in Manchuria and Korea, as part of the (8)______, ending the Russo-Japanese war. President Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for his successful work in it’s negotiation.
Fear of the ramifications of Latin American countries defaulting on debts to foreign investors led to the (9)______ to the Monroe Doctrine, which explained that if Latin American countries continued to default, the U.S. would pay off their debts, take over their customs houses, and keep the European creditors on their side of the Atlantic.
President Taft’s arrangement for U.S. bankers to loan Nicaragua money to pay off its debts to foreign creditors is an example of (10)______.

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