Unit 5 Class Notes- imperialism and wwi american Expansionism

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The DeLome Letter- Another infuriating story, was the publishing of the DeLome Letter in February 1898 by Hearst’s New York Journal.

    • President McKinley, preferring to avoid war, tried diplomatic means to resolve the crisis in Cuba.

    • Spain relented, at least in part, by recalling General Weyler, modifying the policy on concentration camps, and offering Cubans limited self-government.

    • But American anger was stoked when a letter written by Enrique Dupuy DeLome was stolen by a Cuban rebel and leaked to American newspapers, who were eager to create a scandal

      • The DeLome letter criticized President McKinley in unflattering terms

      • DeLome was forced to resign, but the damage was done. Americans were furious!

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