Unit 5 Class Notes- imperialism and wwi american Expansionism

Weaknesses of the Treaty-

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Weaknesses of the Treaty- The Treaty of Versailles, in large part, set the conditions for an even greater world war. Several flaws, including the severe punishment of Germany and the land snatched from Russia, would contribute to a larger and more devastating war over the same land…in only twenty years.

  • The Treaty humiliated Germany

    • The war-guilt clause forced Germany to take sole responsibility for starting the war, even though every other country was guilty of the same contributing behavior.

  • The Treaty crushed the German economy

  • Germany was stripped of its colonies in the Pacific

  • The Treaty stripped Russia of even more land than it did Germany

  • The Treaty ignored colonial cries for self-determination

  • ***The conditions of the Treaty of Versailles contributed to the rise of German nationalism and the Third Reich (German Empire), which would be destined to get revenge and take its place as the leader of Europe (and possible the world) just 14 years later.

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