Unit 5: Absolutism to Revolution Lesson 5: Napoleon Bonaparte

Congress of Vienna: CONSERVATIVE

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Congress of Vienna: CONSERVATIVE

Perspective: You are a conservative from Austria. You grew up in a wealthy noble family that controlled large territories in the southern part of the Austrian Empire.

Overview: You have been asked to come to Vienna, Austria in September 1814 to answer a very important question: Now that Napoleon and the French have been defeated, what will happen to Europe? Napoleon made some very important changes in Europe and conquered an enormous empire.
Topic #1: France:

  1. From your perspective as a conservative, who was to blame for the wars in Europe: the radical ideas of the French Revolution or the power-hungry emperor Napoleon? Explain using a rationale from your perspective as a conservative.

  2. Now that Napoleon has been defeated, what should be done to make sure France never forms a powerful empire in the future?

Topic #2: Government:

  1. Now that Napoleon has been defeated, what should happen to the nations that Napoleon conquered? Should these countries remain in French control? Should new nations be formed? Should everything go back to the way it was before the French Revolution?

  2. Based upon your role as a conservative, who should be in charge of these countries? What kind of governments should be put in place? Explain why this is the best kind of government.

Topic #3: Balance of Power

  1. The Napoleonic Wars devastated Europe and hurt all countries involved. What should be done to guarantee a balance of power among European nations in the future?

  2. From your perspective as a conservative, what should the major nations of Europe do if a democratic revolution (like the French Revolution) occurs in another country in the future?

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