Unit 4: Power Notes Jacksonian Era Chapters 13-16, 18 I. Learning objective: Understand the increase in regionalism

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Unit 4: Power Notes Jacksonian Era

Chapters 13-16, 18

I. LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Understand the increase in regionalism.

1) Called the “Era of Good Feelings” because of the lack of organized political opposition—the Federalist Party disappeared because of its opposition to the War of 1812, and its opposition to programs that benefit the West and South.

2) Each section developed different, yet interdependent, economies. The Northeast developed a manufacturing base, the West’s economy was based on small family farms, and the South developed a plantation/slave economy.

3) The Missouri Compromise (1820) illustrates the increase in regionalism. Missouri came into the Union as a slave state, Maine as a free state, preserving the balance of power in the Senate. Slavery was prohibited north of 36°30” in the Louisiana Purchase.

Importance: Regionalism or sectionalism is a major cause of the Civil War.

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