Unit 4: Mexican Texas Colonization Through Rebellion against Spanish Rule in the Early 1800s

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Turtle Bayou Resolutions – At Anahuac, William B. Travis and Patrick C. Jack were jailed for interfering with John Bradburn’s enforcement of laws over customs duties (taxes). Because Bradburn refused to release Travis and Jack, a skirmish broke out between Texans and Bradburn. Anahuac settlers gathered at Turtle Bayou because of the disturbance. John Austin was sent to retrieve a cannon to be brought back from Brazoria and drafted resolutions that stated that they pledged their continued loyalty to Mexico under the Constitution of 1824. As a Federalist, Santa Anna seemed to support the Constitution of 1824. This event resulted in Colonel Jose de las Piedras ordering the release of Travis and Jack from jail. Bradburn was dismissed from his command at Anahuac.

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