Unit 4: Mexican Texas Colonization Through Rebellion against Spanish Rule in the Early 1800s

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Mexican Independence 1821 – Mexico declares independence from Spain and wins independence in 1823 by overthrowing Spanish emperor Iturbide. Mexico forms a government led by Federalists (shared power between states and national government) and Centralists (all power centralized by national government). Texas is now officially a part of Mexico.

  • Empresario Contracts in Texas 1820-1830 – In 1820, Moses Austin gets permission from Spanish authorities to colonize Texas with Americans, but dies before he completes his plans. Erasmo Seguin helped Moses Austin obtain approval from Spanish officials to settle American colonists in Texas. In 1821, Stephen F. Austin continues his father’s dream by settling 300 families from the United States. They are known as the “Old Three Hundred.” There were three requirements for settlement: must convert to Catholicism, must become a Spanish/Mexican citizen, must be of good, moral character.

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