Unit 4: Mexican Texas Colonization Through Rebellion against Spanish Rule in the Early 1800s

Battle of Coleto Creek and Goliad Massacre

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Battle of Coleto Creek and Goliad MassacreSam Houston ordered Colonel James Fannin to retreat from Goliad. He decided to stay longer since he was waiting for scouts to return. Later Fannin left and stopped in an open prairie to give his men a rest, but the Mexicans were able to surround them. They fought the Mexicans off, but the Texans had no natural resources to protect themselves, resulting in a defeat. Fannin surrendered his 300 men at the Battle of Coleto Creek on March 19-20 in order to prevent more deaths. They were marched to Goliad, and Mexican General Urrea told them they were not going to be killed, but Santa Anna ordered all the captives to be executed. Few escaped while all the Texans were shot dead as they marched onto an open prairie on March 27.

  • Runaway Scrape – News quickly spread throughout Texas concerning the fall of the Alamo and Goliad. Many people fled east towards Louisiana in fear of Santa Anna’s army attacking them. The fall and spring brought heavy rains and cold fronts that made it very difficult for people to travel. The weather also affected the Texas and Mexican armies as they crossed rivers (e.g., Colorado, Brazos and Trinity). During this time, Houston grew his army while Santa Anna split his forces.

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