Unit 4: Mexican Colonization

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Unit 4: Mexican Colonization

  1. What occurred in Texas during the Mexican National Era?

Establishment of Settlements

  1. Know the order of events:

    • Moses given permission to settle in TX

    • Mexico gains Independence from Spain

    • Mexican Constitution of 1824 drafted

    • Empresarios granted contracts

  1. What happened in 1821?

Mexico Gained Independence; Spain granted them independence

  1. Explain the Mexico Constitution of 1824. What did the Mexican Constitution of 1824 take away or restrict?

No freedom of religion, Must be Catholic

  1. Describe the significance of the following people:

    • James Long – Captured and Executed after leading army into Nacogdoches

    • Philip Nolan – Spain thought he was claiming land for the U.S.

    • Green Dewitt – Established a colony near present day Gonzales

    • Erasmo Seguin – Tejano; located land for the 1st Austin Colony; Represented TX at the Mexican Constitutional Convention

    • Stephen F. Austin – founded the 1st Anglo colony in TX

  2. Why was the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition formed & what battle ended it?

Continue Father Hidalgo’s rebellion. Was defeated at the Battle of Medina

  1. What was the result of the State Colonization Laws of 1825?

Empresario System continued

  1. Difference between Martin De Leon colony and Green Dewitt’s colony?

Martin De Leon’s colony was settled by Mexicans

Green Dewitt’s colony was settled by Anglos

  1. Who was first to get permission to colonize in Texas?

Moses Austin

  1. Requirements made by Stephen F. Austin to get land

Good Moral Character

Become a citizen of Mexico

Change religion to Catholic

  1. What was the main reason for Americans & Mexicans to migrate to Mexican Texas?

Cheap Land

  1. How did Anglo colonize in Texas?

Empresario Contracts, land grants

  1. Which region were most of the land granted located in? Why?

Coastal Plains; Natural Resources, area close to the U.S.

  1. What was required for Americans to come to Mexican Texas, what did they have to do?

Must be Catholic

  1. How did Mexican-Americans maintain their culture?

Requiring settlers to be Catholic

  1. Method of Anglo Colonization vs. Spanish Colonization.

Anglo – Empresario Contracts, land grants

Spanish – Needed nothing

Title: Purpose for Settling Texas

  • Spain


    • Protect territory

    • Increase the Catholic population

    Anglo American

    • Get Cheap Land

    • Fertile farm land

    • Continued use of slaves

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