Unit 3: To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

Criticism of Foreign Aid Policy

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Criticism of Foreign Aid Policy

  • While many nations help others due to humanitarianism, there are those who help countries for strategic and political interests, as well as historical relationships between the two countries.

  • Sometimes, aid is offered in the form of tied aid. When aid is tied, it means that there are stings attached. Donor countries may issue credits that require the countries receiving the aid to buy goods and services only from them.

  • This has been criticized because sometimes the items are of poor quality.

  • Also, if a country can buy from other countries, they can receive a better quality product or they can buy from other developing nations. This promotes trade and helps boost the economy of developing countries.

  • Ensuring the aid arrives to those who need it and not to corrupt governments is also a challenge.

  • Another challenge is the time it takes to get to the people. Due to the size of the organizations and errors that can occur, shipments are delayed.

Canadian Foreign Policy and the Balance of National Interest and Internationalism

  • Countries try to develop foreign policy that balances their national interest and internationalism. Building strong relations with other countries is important but promoting ones national interest is just as important.

  • Striking a balance between national interests and internationalism can be difficult. Many events such as natural disasters or the attacks of Sept. 11/01 can change the world unexpectedly.

  • These events can change agreements and make them ineffective. Agreements then need to be renegotiated.

  • What are Canada’s continuing Foreign Affairs and International Trade priorities? Copy them into you notes. Page 237.

Chapter 11: Internationalism and Nationalism

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