Unit 3: To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

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Setting Foreign Policy

  • In a democracy, setting foreign policy can be complex. The government must set a policy that reflects the citizens beliefs, values, and goals.

  • Many individuals, groups and collectives influence the governments decisions on foreign policy.

Foreign Policy Goals

  • Foreign policy goals help to guide the actions of governments.

  • It is important for a government to set goals that reflect the values of its citizens.

  • Along with governments, multinational corporations and international business, labour and humanitarian also play important roles when setting foreign policy goals and making.

Promoting Internationalism through Foreign Policy

  • Many countries use their foreign policy to help promote internationalism by supporting initiatives that encourage world peace.

  • Canada may develop foreign policies that encourage struggling states to become economically successful and self-supporting.

  • Some countries impose economic sanctions to promote peace. Economic sanctions are when countries cut off trade from a particular country to force it to follow a particular course of action.

  • An example of this is when the UN placed economic sanctions on Iraq. The hope was that it would force Iraq to co-operate with the UN.

  • In actuality, it hurt Iraqi’s more than it helped them. When the sanctions where into place, medicines such as the vaccine for Polio were on the no-trade list. Because of this, Polio re-emerged in Iraq.

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