Unit 3: To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

How have changing world conditions promoted the need for internationalism?

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How have changing world conditions promoted the need for internationalism?

  • As we become more interconnected to others around the world, challenges can no longer be confined to the borders of a single country.

  • An example of this is SARS. In 2002, it was an unidentified disease. A farmer had died from in. Three months later, an American traveling to China and died from the same illness. Those who treated him also became sick and the illness spread. By 2003, it was contained but the illness was reported in 26 countries.

  • The world faces the challenges of disease, terrorism and climate change. Because of these challenges countries need to co-operate to find multilateral solutions.

  • We are also interconnected now through technology. We can easily travel from one part of the world to another in a matter of hours. These promotes internationalism.

  • This can lead to the global village. People can relate to one another on a global scale through the internet. There are no barriers to prevent people from interacting with one another.

  • Not everyone has a positive attitude towards the global village.

  • In researching the social effects of the internet, researchers have found that people seek connections with those who have similar values to their own.

  • As a result, these people become less likely to trust important decisions from those who have differing values. For example, government.

  • This is called voluntary balkanization. This is the separation of like-minded people into isolated groups that are hostile to people whose values differ from their own. This separation may result in a lose of shared experiences and values and can harm the structure of democratic society.

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