Unit #3: Revolution and the New Nation

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Unit #3: Revolution and the New Nation
The American Revolution severed the colonial relationship with England and legally created the United States. The revolutionary generation that included such notable figures as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton formulated the political philosophy and laid the institutional foundations for the system of government under which we live. In thinking about the causes and course of the Revolution, it is important to study the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Independence; the causes for the outbreak of the war, the main stages of the Revolutionary War and the reasons for the American victory.
Required textbook reading: Ch. 3 sec. 4, Ch. 4 sec. 1, 2, 3, 4
Key terminology: Define each term to demonstrate your understanding as related to material covered in the chapter.
1 – French and Indian War

2 – Sugar Act

3 – Stamp Act

4 – Townshend Acts

5 – Martial Law

6 – Minutemen

7 – Revolution

8 – Loyalists

9 – Patriots

10 – Intolerable Acts

Focus questions: As you read each of the required sections answer the following focus questions. Your answers should be written in complete sentences to demonstrate understanding of the material. (Note: You need to answer all parts of the question to receive full credit)
Ch.3 sec.4

1 – What was the Native American response to the British victory during the French and Indian War? It what way did the British treat the Native Americans differently than their French counterparts?

2 – Read through the section - The Colonies and Britain Grow Apart – What role did the French and Indian War play in escalating the disagreement over trade policies in the colonies? Explain
Ch. 4 sec. 1

1 – What specific roles did Samuel Adams and John Hancock play in the events leading up to the American Revolution?

2 – Refer to the chart on pg. 100-101 – in what ways did colonial reaction to British rule intensify between 1765 and 1775?
Ch. 4 sec. 2

1 – Identify the main principles Thomas Jefferson used in crafting the Declaration of Independence.

2 – What were the key differences between the Loyalists and the Patriots? How did these differences threaten the colonies desire for independence?
Ch.4 sec. 3

1 – Describe the conditions of the colonial troops at Valley Forge.

2 – What role did civilians play in the conflict?
Ch. 4 sec. 4

1 – What role did foreign leaders like Von Steuben, Pulaski and Lafayette play in the American Revolution?

2 – In what ways did the Southern states differ in their preparations for battle than the North?
Use the following images to interpret the events that led to the American Revolution:

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