Unit: #3 Expansion Industrial Revolution dsa # 3 (10/2-3/12) eoct quiz intro

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Van Goor U.S. History Name _______________________________

Unit: #3 Expansion Industrial Revolution DSA # 3.3 (10/2-3/12)

2. Intro: What is the furthest distance you have ever traveled? How did you get there? How long did it take? Did you enjoy it?

3. Todays Standard (Underline or highlight all people, terms or events that you think are important to remember):

SSUSH6 The student will analyze the impact of territorial expansion and population growth and the impact of this growth in the early decades of the new nation.

d. Describe the construction of the Erie Canal, the rise of New York City, and the development of the nation’s infrastructure.

SSUSH7 Students will explain the process of economic growth, its regional and national impact in the first half of the 19th century, and the different responses to it.

  1. Explain the impact of the Industrial Revolution as seen in Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin and his development of interchangeable parts for muskets.

Essential Questions: What were the elements of the Monroe doctrine, and how did the policy of isolationism influence American policy? How did transportation improvements and the Industrial Revolution change the social and economic life in America?
4. Industrial revolution Thought Gallary.
Directions: Look at each Thought Gallery Image/Description about life during the Industrial Revolution. Choose weather each image or description is portraying a positive or negative effect. Describe the positive or negative effect in the chart below.

Positive Effects Negative Effects

Your Opinion:

  1. Do you feel that the positive effects of the Industrial Revolution outweigh the negative effect? Why or why not?

  1. How do you think would life have changed for the average American during the Industrial Revolution?

6. Learning together is fun!

Eli Whitney:

Created what system for manufacturing?

Invented what?
Whitney popularized a machine that produced ______________________ for guns.

Industrial Revolution

What was the Industrial Revolution?

What replaced manual labor?

Erie Canal


Who built it?

How did the canal help New York City?

New Transportation

Steam Boats:


The Monroe Doctrine: marked the start of the start of a US policy that

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