Unit 3 diversity, freedom, opportunity

Assignments I. Answer the questions

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I. Answer the questions:

  1. Can spiritual matters and material possessions be mixed?

  2. How does the Protestant view of hard work and discipline differ from the Catholic view?

  3. What is Puritan work ethic?

  4. What is the American idea of self-discipline?

  5. How has the meaning of work changed in the last decades?

  6. In what way is the American idea of a "national religion" different from those existing in other countries?

  7. Do you see any harm in practicing patriotism?

II. Explain the meaning of the following words and expressions and use them in sentences of your own:

ethic, attachment, by a margin of four to one, excessive, conformity, Puritan, volunteerism/humanitarianism, born-again, to be in league with

HI. Give synonyms and Russian equivalents of the following words and expressions:

joyous, unselfish, capacity, goal, fulfillment, generous, convention, anthem, to suspend, proclaim, prevailing

IV. Paraphrase or explain the following:

  1. ... the nation's Protestant heritage is largely responsible for bringing this about.

  2. Many Americans believe that they must devote part of their time and wealth to religious and humanitarian causes in order to be acceptable in the eyes of God and in the eyes of other Americans.

V. Write a summary of the text.


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