Unit 3 Civil War Test Review

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Unit 3 Civil War Test Review: Answer the following questions BEFORE CLASS BEGINS on the day of the test and you will receive up to 5 extra credit points on the test. Credit will be graded on completeness and on general correctness. You must turn in your Vocabulary Foldable or Vocabulary Squares for Unit 2 to get the full 5 points. No extra credit is available for only the Foldable THAT is an assignment grade.
Questions Related to Vocabulary Terms

  1. Know vocabulary terms 25-45. They will make up 11 of the multiple choice questions and several matching questions.

  2. Know the following information about the election of 1860:

    1. What political party won?

    1. Who won the election? What was his goal with regards to slavery?

    1. How did it lead to the Civil War?

  1. What does it mean that the Republican party supported “Free Soil?”

  1. What did the Democratic party stand for at the time of the Civil War?

  1. List the Generals for both armies

    1. North

    1. South

  1. Who has the power under popular sovereignty? (Kings, Presidents, States, or People?)

  1. List the ways Jim Crow limited voting in the South.

  1. What was the Anaconda Plan?

  1. What was the Wilmot Proviso?

  1. What was the Republican goal for Reconstruction?

  1. Which vocabulary term is referred to in the poster to the left?

  1. This cartoon to the right shows “Carpetbaggers.” Who were they?

Know the major significance of the following Battles

  1. Antietam

  1. Bull Run (Manassas)

  1. Fort Sumter

  1. Gettysburg

  1. Sherman’s March to the Sea

  1. Vicksburg

  1. Siege of Petersburg

Know the significance of the following legislature

  1. 13th Amendment

  1. 14th Amendment

  1. 15th Amendment

  1. Emancipation Proclamation

Know the significant ways the following worked to gain rights for African Americans

  1. Ida B Wells-Barnett

  1. John Brown

  1. Fredrick Douglass

  1. WEB DuBois

  1. William Lloyd Garrison

  1. Harriet Beecher Stowe

  1. Harriet Tubman

  1. Nat Turner

  1. Booker T Washington

Match the Civil War advantage with either the North or the South

  1. Factories for war materials

  1. Knew the Land

  1. Large Population

  1. Just needed to last long enough to get the other side to give up

  1. Better Transportation

  1. Navy

  1. Cotton

  1. More Resources

General Questions

  1. Prior to the Civil War, what did it mean that the South wanted to keep Congressional balance?

  1. List parts of the Compromise of 1850

    1. .

    2. .

    3. .

    4. .

  2. According to the Compromise of 1877, Republican Hayes became president if what program was ended in the South?

  1. According to this political cartoon to the left, the Kansas Nebraska Act forced slavery into areas that were suppose to be free States under what compromise?

  1. Did the circumstances shown in the political cartoon to the right occur before, during, or after Reconstruction?

  1. Why did Ida B Wells and WEB DuBois disagree with Booker T Washington?

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