Unit 3--big Ideas--american History I confederation, Constitution and Compromise (1781-1816) Text Reading—Lapsanski, et al

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Unit 3--Big Ideas--American History I

Confederation, Constitution and Compromise (1781-1816)

Text Reading—Lapsanski, et. al. United States History

Chapter 5-Creating the Constitution, Chapter 6-The New Republic

Learner Objectives:

Students will understand that

  • Governments can be structured in order to address the needs and desires of the governed.

  • Diverse groups of people may have to agree upon shared values and principles in order to form and maintain a viable political and economic system.

  • A nation may agree on values and principles philosophically, but disagree on the practical political and economic application of those same values and principles.

  • A government founded on the division of power and authority may endure internal and external debates that can lead to conflict and/or compromise.

  • Governmental policies and actions that promote national growth and expansion can create sectional tension and political debate.

  • Economic and political interests will guide a nation’s foreign policy.

  • A nation’s government and its political leaders often assume more authority during periods of conflict, rebellion or warfare.

  • An individual or group’s perceptions of themselves, their country, and their place within a society may be influenced by times of prosperity and/or crisis.

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