Unit 23: Research Ideas Research Document

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Unit 23: Research Ideas

Research Document

Order of contents:
Topic Research for item 1: URBAN FASHION

Guest Research for item 1:

Topic Research for item 2:URBAN ART

Guest Research for item 2:Ruairidh Johnston

Topic Research for item 3: URBAN SPORT

Guest Research for item 3:

Topic Research for item 4 (If used): URBAN MUSIC

Guest Research for item 4 (If used): Jamie Morris

Each student takes a topic and researches it extensively. Share your finding with your team members so they can input your findings into their booklet

You need to carry out EXTENSIVE research on your topic and guest. You need to demonstrate why you have used your guest for this topic. You need to reference where you found your research. (Referencing is KEY)

Interview 1:

Name of interview:

Topic covered: Urban fashion and people’s views on it.

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