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Short Answer

71. What is the mass shown by this triple beam balance?

72. A boulder has a mass of 15 kg. What is the weight?

73. A turtle’s velocity is 1500cm/hr. How long will it take to travel 4500cm?

74. What is the acceleration of a car that has an initial velocity of 25 m/s and comes to a complete stop in 25 seconds?

75. John took 35 min to bicycle to his grandmother’s house, a total of 7km. What was his velocity in km/min?

76. How long would it take for a car to travel a distance of 300km if it is traveling at a velocity of 55km/h

77. A plane traveled for about 7h at a velocity of 1400km/h. What distance did it travel?

78. SAM Shortline Excursion Train travels through southwest Georgia in air-conditioned 1949 vintage cars mixing a taste of the old rural south with todays excitement. There are fun and exciting train stops at the Georgia Veterans State Park at Lake Blackshear, the Telephone Museum Leslie GA, Americus GA, Plains GA, and Archery (Jimmy Carter's childhood home). While in Americus, you can visit the historic Windsor hotel, Global Village which is part of Habitat for Humanity or the exciting Rylander Theater. Plains is the current home of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter. Enjoy walking the streets of history in hopes of catching the former President in town shopping. The last stop is at President Carter's Boyhood Farm. The cost to ride starts at $27.99. It takes 1.08h to travel from Cordele to Americus which is 27 miles away. What is the average velocity of the train?

79. Some students at Americus Sumter High School South take classes at Georgia Southwestern State University. The driving distance is 3.2 mil. If it takes 5 minutes to drive there, what is the average speed in mil/h? (5 minutes is 0.08h).

80. Jamal Cooper from Madison County, GA ran the 100m event at the GHSA Boys AAAA State championship in May 2010. He started from rest and reached a final speed of 9.4m/s in 10.603s. What was his average acceleration?

81. Garrett Reynolds from Bainbridge, GA ran the 200m event at the GHSA Boys AAAA State championship in May 2010. He started from rest and reached a final speed of 8.95m/s in 22.336s. What was his average acceleration?

82. The panther is the mascot for Americus Sumter High School South. The Panther is described as a large, powerful, carnivorous mammal ( Felis concolor ) of the family Felidae - a wild cat. What is the weight of a panther whose mass is 103kg?

83. Dr. Howell drives a red Ford F150. All F-Series have two large "closed loop" front tow hook design as opposed to conventional open hooks. The F-Series can pull up to 14,000 kg with just one hook. What force is needed to pull a 14,000kg load at an acceleration of 4.5m/s2?

84. Measure the line below. Report the length in cm, mm, and m.
85. Convert the following numbers: 35s to ms, 170mg to kg, 0.3 cL to L

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