Unit 2 Fast Food-The American Way Part a 閱讀—Reading Section

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高中英文(一)Outside Reading —

Unit 2 Fast FoodThe American Way

Part A 閱讀—Reading Section

  Do you like to eat French fries? How about the latest fashion of a rice burger? Everyone knows fast food is a part of American culture, but few know who first came up with the idea of fast food business and when the first fast food restaurant was built. Carl Karcher, an Ohio farm boy moved to California at the age of 24. Like most Americans, he worked hard, trying to be prosperous and have a great life. In 1939, Carl purchased a cart to sell hot dogs on the street to customers as they drove up in their cars. Carl’s business was so successful that Carl was able to buy a second one and continue the dream within five months. Before long, he opened a drive-in restaurant called “Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque”.

  This new way of eating in your car was very popular. Even the rest of the United States was catching on to this “drive-in fever”. It was considered really cool to go to a drive-in restaurant for a burger or hot dog. Only it was a seasonal thing for many states due to the cold weather in the winter.

  It was during this time that two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald left their home in New Hampshire seeking jobs in southern California. They caught on to the new craze of eating at drive-in restaurants and opened one in 1939, in Pasadena, California, calling it “McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers”. The McDonald brothers grew tired of having to hire new carhops and short-order cooks all the time, so at the end of the 1940’s, they fired everyone. They even decided that they were tired of replacing glassware, dishes, and silverware so they closed the restaurant and re-opened a “new” McDonald’s, one that used only disposable dishes, silverware or glasses. There was no longer a need for short-order cooks as each employee hired only had to learn one specific task, i.e. make the French fries or make the burgers or get the drinks, etc. Food was made with a “Speedee Service Systemdesigned by the McDonald brothers and it completely changed the restaurant business.

  Because of this “Speedee Service System” that the McDonald Brothers created, entrepreneurs from all over the country went to the new McDonald’s to see how the restaurant operated. Then they built imitation restaurants of their own, for example, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers, Dunkin’Donuts, Kentucky Friend Chicken(KFC) and so on. The number of new restaurants was countless. Even Carl Karcher, the man who began with one hot dog cart, opened his own fast food chain too, known as Carl Jr.’s. Next time when you order your burger meal from drive-through, don’t just think about the food, think about the business that Carl Karcher began.

--Adapted from American Eating Habits by Lisa Eriksson--

latest [`letIst] adj. 最新的

prosperous [`praspJrJs] adj. 成功的;繁榮的

purchase [`pRtSJs] v.t. 購買

customer [`kVstJmK] n. 顧客

successful [sJk`sEsfJl] adj. 成功的

popular [`papyJlK] adj. 受歡迎的

rest [rEst] n. 剩下部分

drive-in [`drZIv`In] adj. 免下車的

consider [kJn`sIdK] v.t. 考慮;斟酌

seasonal [`sizNJl] adj. 季節性的

craze [krez] n. 時髦的東西

come up with 想出;提出

catch on to 風行;受歡迎

due to 因為

carhop [`kar:hap] n. 路邊餐館的侍者

short-order cook [`SOrt:OrdK `kUk] n. 快餐廚子

replace [rI`ples] v.t. 取代

silverware [`sIlvK:wEr] n. 銀餐具

disposable [dI`spozJbL] adj. 用完即丟棄的

employee [:EmplOI`i] n. 受雇者

Speedee Service System [spidi `sRvIs `sIstJm] n. 快速服務系統

design [dI`zZIn] v.t. 繪製;設計;構思

entrepreneur ["antrJprJ`nR] n. 企業家

operate [`apJ:ret] v.i.; v.t. 運轉;操作

imitation ["ImJ`teSJn] adj. 仿製的

countless [`kZUntlIs] adj. 無數的

fast food chain [`fAst fud "tSen] n. 速食連鎖店

drive-through [`drZIv `Hru] n. 得來速(餐廳)

be tired of 厭煩的;厭倦的

no longer 不再

begin with 以…為開始

Part B 讀後練習—Post-reading Practice

True or False: Mark T for a true statement and F for a false statement.

1. The McDonald brothers were the first to set up a drive-in business.

2. Drive-in business is very popular throughout America, except for cold winter.

3. Carl Jr.’s is the first fast food chain.

4. The drive-in business began in California.

5. The new McDonald’s used only disposable dishes, silverware or glasses.

Comprehension Questions: Choose the best answer to each question.

1. What did Carl Karcher first sell on the street?

(A) Ice cream. (B) Hot dogs.

(C) Popcorns. (D) Hamburgers.

2. When did the McDonald brothers first open a drive-in restaurant?

(A) In 1939. (B) In 1940.

(C) In 1941. (D) In 1942.

3. Why did the McDonald brothers fire all the employees at the end of 1940’s?

(A) Because they were losing money.

(B) Because they were tired of short-order cooks.

(C) Because they tried to be prosperous.

(D) Because they wanted to close the restaurant.

4. When the McDonald brothers re-opened a new restaurant, what were the employees asked to do?

(A) They had to cook short-order cooks.

(B) They had to learn how to run a restaurant.

(C) They had to make burgers and wash dishes.

(D) They had to do only one job like making French fries.

5. Which of the following shops was NOT an imitation restaurant of the McDonald’s?

(A) Taco Bell. (B) Dunkin’Donuts.

(C) Pizza Hut. (D) Burger King.

Part C 字彙片語練習—Vocabulary and Phrase Test

Fill in the blanks using the following words and phrases.

 entrepreneurs designed prosperous task disposable

 drive-in caught on to no longer was tired of

  An American, Carl Karcher, wanted to lead a     life, so he moved to California to start his own business. Actually, he opened the first ever     business, selling hot dogs. Then two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald,     the new craze of eating at a drive-in restaurant. They finally opened one in 1939. But since they     a Speedee Service System, the employees only had to do one specific    , like making French fries or making burgers. There was no need to wash dishes, either, because they used only     dishes, silverware or glasses. Other     learned from the two brothers’ new idea and opened imitation restaurants. Even Carl Kracher opened his own fast food chain named Carl Jr.’s, too.

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