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  • Make sure you know the topics from our first quiz – the test will not be heavily based on this, but there will be a few questions on Columbus, Columbian Exchange, and the geography of the three colonial regions.

  • You need to know the characteristics of the 3 colonial regions: New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

    • What geographical features can you find in these colonies? How did these features impact the development of the colonies in the region?

    • Known important leaders from each of the colonial regions

      • Southern – John Smith, John Rolfe, etc.

      • New England – William Bradford, John Winthrop, etc.

      • Middle – Duke of York, William Penn, etc.

    • Types of governments in each region and how they formed

    • Relations with Native Americans – including fights or wars that might have taken place

    • Know why people settled in the various regions

    • Struggles colonists faced in each colonial region

    • What their economies centered around

  • Know what life was like in the colonies

  • In addition to knowing why the English came to the Americas, be aware of some reasons by the Spanish and French settled in the New World.

  • Keep in mind the 2 essential questions of the unit:

    • How can political, economic, and social pressures drive cultural interactions?

    • To what extent does development cause conflict among groups?

Format of the Test: There will be several short answer questions, some multiple choice/matching, and a short essay.

Download 5.41 Kb.

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