Unit 1 Reassessment Notes

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Unit 1 Reassessment Notes
Henry B. Gonzalez 1916-2000

  • Influential Hispanic-Amer of 20th Century due to governmental services

  • 1st Hispanic Amer member of San Antonio city council

  • Member of Texas Senate

  • His candidacy encourage more Hispanic Americans to become involved in politics

  • 1st Hispanic Texan to serve on US House of Reps.

  • Awarded the JFK Profile in Courage Award

Kay Bailey Hutchinson 1943-

  • 1st woman elected to US Senate from TX

  • Became one of the most powerful women in the Senate

  • Challenged Rick Perry as governor but lost

  • Elected to TX House of Rep.

  • Elected TX State Treasurer

Barbara Jordan 1936-1996

  • 1st African Amer. Elected to TX Senate

  • 1st African Amer. elected to US House of Rep

  • Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year 1975 for her eloquence and dignity

Raul A. Gonzalez Jr. 1940-

  • Appointed judge of 103rd Judicial District

  • Appointed as an Associate Justice on the 13th Texas Courts of Appeals

  • Appointed as an Associate Justice of Texas Supreme Court- highest civil court in TX

  • *1st Hispanic member of Texas Supreme Court

Lyndon B. Johnson 1908-1973

  • VP under Kennedy, 36th President of US after Kennedy’s assassination

  • Served in US House of Reps., US Senate

  • Able to get Congress to pass Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, and Equal Opportunity Act

Benjy Frances Brooks 1918-1998

  • 1st woman to become a board certified pediatric surgeon

  • Researched congenital defects, burn treatment, spleen reparation, and prevention of hepatitis

  • A patient’s parents created The Benjy Brooks Foundation for Children, advancing children surgical care

Walter Cunningham 1932-

  • Retired American Astronaut

  • Served in NASA

  • Member of Apollo 7, first manned Apollo mission

  • Author of The All-American Boys, about his days as an astronaut

  • Inducted into International Space Hall of Fame

Michael Ellis DeBakey 1908-2008

  • World-renowned cardiac surgeon

  • Developed a major component of the heart-lung machine for open heart surgery

  • Reputation as one of the leading cardiac surgeons in the world

Denton Arthur Cooley 1920-

  • Considered one of the leading heart surgeons in the world

  • 1st surgeon to successful remove blood clots in heart

  • 1st successful heart transplant in US

  • 1st surgeon in world to implant artificial heart

Michael Saul Dell 1965-

  • Founder and CEO of Dell, Inc at age of 27

  • One of the richest people in world

  • Served on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

J. Frank Dobie 1888-1964

  • 1st Texas-based writer to gain national attention

  • Best seller books- Tales of Old-Time Texas, Coronado’s Children, and The Longhorns

  • Awarded the highest civil award from President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Medal of Freedom

Walter Prescott Webb 1888-1963

  • Renowned historian and author

  • Director of Texas State Historical Association

  • Compiled and published the Handbook of Texas

George W. Bush 1946-

  • Governor of TX

  • Started a state wide reading program

  • 43rd President of US

Oveta Culp Hobby 1905-1995

  • First Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare

  • First commanding officer of the Women’s Army Corps

  • Assistant City Attorney in Houston

  • Texas Business magazine listed her as the only woman among “the 20 most powerful Texans”

Hector P. Garcia 1914-1996

  • Fled from Mexico with his family

  • Earned medical degree and in the Medical Corps during WWII

  • After witnessing discrimination during WWII Garcia founded the American GI Forum

-increase veteran benefits, education and public housing for Mexican Americans

  • Awarded the American Medal of Freedom- first Mexican American to receive this honor

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