Unit 1 grammar revision of tenses

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Did you use to get free milk at school?

Don’t confuse used to + infinitive with be/get used to (+ verb-ing) which means “be/become accustomed to”:

e.g. He wasn’t used to living on his own. (= He wasn’t accustomed to it.)

She’s getting used to the new technology. (= She is becoming accustomed to it).
9. Transform the statements below into negative sentences and questions making other necessary changes.

1. Every day the young prince used to go hunting in the forest.

2. Wild animals sometimes used to come into the garden at night.

3. I used to enjoy computer games, but I’ve grown tired of them.

4. Brian used to speak Italian quite well, but he’s forgotten it all.

5. Every day Anna used to get up at 4.00 am and go to work at the shop.

6. My mother often used to play the piano and sing after dinner.

7. I used to own a racing bike but I sold it and bought a scooter.

8. Tony used to believe that one day he would be famous.

9. When I was a student I used to go to bed about 1 am.

10. Helen used to live in an old boat on the canal.

11. Mike used to play chess quite often, but he hasn’t played for ages.

12. In those days people used to wash all their clothes by hand.

13. We used to play hide-and-seek when we were children.

14. Every summer they used to stay in a small village in the mountains.

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