Unit 1 grammar revision of tenses

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A: He will speak.
N: He will not speak.
Q: Will he speak?

in a year, next …, tomorrow
If- sentence type 1) (If you ask her, she will help you.)
assumption: I think, probably, perhaps

Future Progressive

A: He will be speaking.
N: He will not be speaking.
Q: Will he be speaking?

This time tomorrow, in a year, next week, tomorrow

Future Perfect Simple

A: He will have spoken.
N: He will not have spoken.
Q: Will he have spoken?

  • action that will be finished at a certain time in the future

by Monday, in a week

Future Perfect Progressive

A: He will have been speaking.
N: He will not have been speaking.
Q: Will he have been speaking?

  • action taking place before a certain time in the future

  • putting emphasis on the course of an action

for …, all day long

    1. Complete the sentence using a suitable form of the verb in brackets.

1. 'What exactly (do) when you saw the smoke?' 'I pressed the fire alarm.'

2. By the time we get to the stadium, the match (start).

3. 'How long (stay) here for?' 'I don't know. I haven't decided yet.'

4. Jackson (win) the Nobel Prize, but says she is still hoping for recognition.

5. If you happen to see anyone in the garden, don't worry. It (be) the gardener.

6. 'I'm sorry to be late. I hope you (wait) long.

7. Anna didn't understand why the mysterious stranger (send) her such a letter.

8. I don't like this bed. It (feel) uncomfortable.

9. It's really unfair! You (always, criticize) me!

10. I'm glad I've run into you. I (mean) to get in touch with you for ages.

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