Unit 1 grammar revision of tenses

Find these expressions in the article and discuss what they mean

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2. Find these expressions in the article and discuss what they mean.

  1. kill something off

  2. be on someone's radar

  3. be thrust into the public glare

  4. come at a price

  5. give voice to someone

3. Discussion

  1. What emotions do you think the story evokes in the journalist?

  2. How do you feel when you read the story?

  3. Concerning Malala and the campaign to provide all children with an education, what do you predict will happen in the future?


SB p. 6-7. Learn the words and phrases in V1.1, p. 113, (un)employment, according to, to outnumber smth/smb, at a time, accommodation, properly

SB p. 8. Learn the words and phrases in V1.2 p. 113

R1.2. Eventually, to do a degree in, encouraging (to encourage), to graduate (from), to be confused, borrow money (cf. lend money)

SB p.9. That sounds fun (cf. funny)

SB p. 10. A dozen, by heart, to avoid, to wonder, to be worth (doing smth), light bulb, to take smth seriously, a bright student

SB p. 11. Learn the words in V1.3, p.113

R1.6. To cheat at the exam, to sit at the back, (not) to have a clue, pronunciation.

SB p. 12. Ballroom dancing

R1.7. To meet the deadline, challenging (task)

WB p. 5. Approximately, to contribute to smth, to improve smth

WB p. 6. Influential, to influence smth, to run (e.g. a bookshop), to require, requirement, on average, to promote, to get a promotion

WB p. 7. Embarrassing, to be embarrassed (cf. to be ashamed)

WB p. 8. Hesitation, to hesitate, lateral thinking, solution to a problem, to think outside the box, sensible (cf. sensitive)
WB p.64. To be fed up with smth, to assume, assumption, lyrics, dedication, to dedicate smth to smb


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