Unit : Morality 4th Grade Lesson 13: Respect Life (5th Commandment) Alive in Christ

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Unit : Morality

4th Grade Lesson 13: Respect Life (5th Commandment)

Alive in Christ book

Chapter 14 pp. 199-208


  • Deepen children’s awareness of human life as sacred and a gift from God from the moment of conception until natural death

  • Recognize that the 5th Commandment relates to protecting and respecting life, as well and respect and care for our human bodies

Catholic Faith Words

sacred, murder

Bible Verses

Matthew 5:21-22

Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Matthew 5:43-45


Chapter 13 Review p. 198


Prayer Space

Page 199

Let us Pray


What do you wonder?


Read and do activities pp. 200-203


“Respecting Life 5th Commandment Activity”


Chapter 14 Activity Master “Respect Your Body”

Live Your Faith pp. 204-5 (optional: Reaching All Learners activity Catechist manual p. 204)

Song “Christ, Our Light”

People of Faith

Saint Gianna Molla

Going Forth

Celebration of the Word p. 206

Respecting Life

5th Commandment

Materials Needed

  • Copies of “St. Maximilian Kolbe Teaches us to be Brave”

  • Large poster boards (or individual sheets of paper for each child)

Saint Activity: St. Maximilian Kolbe teaches us to be Brave

  • Read the story about St. Maximilian Kolbe

  • Discuss how St. Kolbe put his love for Jesus and others before his own life. He gave his own life to save the life of another.

  • Ask the children if they can think of any hard steps they have taken to love in difficult situations.

Activity: Promoting Peace protects life

  • Read the information in We Believe on page 143

  • Link the information in the book to the Beatitude we discussed today

  • Have the students design a billboard (in groups at each table or individually) that promotes peace

    • If there is poster board provided, have them work as a group at each table

    • If not, have them each work on their own billboard designs on individual sheets of paper

    • The focus of each billboard should be around something that promotes peace or respect life: at home, in their neighborhood, in class, in sports, etc.

Activity: Prayer for Peace

  • Have the kids write their own prayer for peace in their home, their neighborhood, and the world

  • Share them with the class by having each child read them aloud

  • Can also be done in groups

Activity: Skits about protecting life

  • Assign the topic "plants" to one table, "animals" to another and "people" to the third.

  • Tell them to make up a skit pretending they are an animal, plant or person in which someone's plants or animals or reputation were maliciously destroyed or harmed by another, or were protected from harm.

  • Have them perform the skits for each other

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