Uniqueness: Russia’s expanding its sphere of ocean influence

Russia Expanding Ocean Exploration

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Russia Expanding Ocean Exploration

Russia expanding its ocean development now.

RT News, 6/26/14

[No Author, RT News Question More, “Russian Navy plans on commissioning undersea reconnaissance drone in 2 years – newspaper,” http://rt.com/news/168516-russian-underwater-glider-drone/, accessed July 9, 2014, EK]

[contains gendered language]

Evgeny Tatarenko, professor at the SSTU measuring equipment department, told Izvestia that the navy has already expressed interest in their drone, but details “haven’t been discussed yet.”

This autumn a drone with a one-kilometer operational depth is set to be tested, Tatatrenko revealed.

Representative of JSK “Scientific-and-production Enterprise for Underwater Technologies OCEANOS”, Boris Gaikovich told Izvestia that low-batch production would put a $100,000 price tag on a glider. “Over the last ten years autonomous devices evolved from exotic technical innovations into successful commercial projects worldwide,” Gaikovich said, noting that so far the US Navy has been the pioneer in developing and using unmanned submersibles.

Gliders could be used not only for detection of submarines and ships, but also for measuring other general factors, such as undercurrents, water salinity, temperatures and acoustic characteristics at various depths, former Chief of the Main Staff of the Navy, Viktor Kravchenko, told Izvestia.

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