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There are positive developments in US-Russian Relations

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There are positive developments in US-Russian Relations

Huggins, The Hill Correspondent, 7/4/14

[Rachel, The Hill, “Will Putin get his Independence Day wish?” http://thehill.com/policy/international/211357-will-putin-get-his-independence-day-wish, accessed July 9, 2014, EK]

Russian President Vladimir Putin reached out to President Obama in an Independence Day message Friday, expressing hope that the two countries can improve their relations.

Mr. Putin said that he hopes that ties between the two countries, which have a rich history, will continue successful development on a pragmatic and equal basis despite the current differences and difficulties,” the Kremlin wrote in a statement.

“The president also stressed that Russia and the United States are both countries bearing particular responsibility for ensuring international stability and security,” the statement continued, “and should therefore cooperate not just for the benefit of their own peoples but also in the entire world’s interest.”

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