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US-Russia relations improving now

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US-Russia relations improving now

Russia Beyond the Headlines, 7/4/14

[No author, Russia Beyond the Headlines, “Putin reaffirms need for pragmatic and equal relations between Russia and U.S.,” http://rbth.com/news/2014/07/04/putin_reaffirms_need_for_pragmatic_and_equal_relations_between_russia_an_37927.html, accessed July 9, 2014, EK]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated U.S. leader Barack Obama on July 4 Independence Day, the Kremlin press service has reported.

In his message to the U.S. president, Putin said he was hopeful that despite today's difficulties and disagreements, the two countries' relations, which have a rich history, would continue to develop successfully in a pragmatic and equal manner.

Putin reiterated that Russia and the United States, as great powers that bear special responsibility for maintaining stability and security around the globe, ought to cooperate for the benefit of both their own people and the entire world.

The Russian president also reaffirmed the importance of further promoting bilateral relations between Russia and the U.S., which should respect each other and heed each other's interests.

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