Union Soldier Click on Union Soldier: What do you think led many of these young men to join the military?

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Civil War Webquest

This webquest has two parts: Answering questions about the individual sides and then creating a timeline of major events in the Civil War. This webquest is a group project, but no more than three to a group!! You must hand in one completed assignment per group, but of course you are all encouraged to have copies of the information so that you can study for the exam.

Just to get us started:


  1. How many states were in the Union and how many were in the Confederacy?

Part One: Rebel or Yankee?



unionflagThe Union:

Answer Questions Below.

Union Soldier

  1. Click on Union Soldier: What do you think led many of these young men to join the military?

2. Click on Avery Brown: Describe how Avery Brown finally became a member of the Union Army. How old was he at the time and why did he join up?

3. Click on Cooley: William Cooley described a fight with the Rebels in his letter. What was the outcome of this fight? Describe some of the events.

  1. Click on Boys in the Civil War: Children often joined the military. What were their main jobs?

Go back and click: Abolitionist Identity

5. Click on Elijah Lovejoy: What role did Elijah Parish Lovejoy play in defending the 1st Amendment to the Constitution?

6. Click on William Lloyd Garrison: Click on William Lloyd Garrison: What role did William Lloyd Garrison play in the Abolitionist Movement? How did he originally become involved in the movement and how did his views change?

7. Click on Frederick Douglass – Meaning of the 4th of July: According to Douglass, what did the 4th of July mean to African-Americans?
Go back and click: Women Identity
8. Click on Women Soldiers of the Civil War: Many women dressed as men and enlisted in the army. Why do you think these women chose to fight for their country? How did the military react to their efforts to fight in the war?

9. Click on Women of the American Civil War- Click on Clara: Who was Dr. Mary Walker and what were her accomplishments?

youthiefConfederate States:

Answer questions below:

Go back to Confederate identities and click on Soldier:

10. Click on Confederate Soldier: Describe the average Confederate soldier. Explain why you think many of them fought.

11. Click on James Munnerlyn: Who won the battle James Munnerlyn describes? He was surprised that the Union did not follow and finish them off. Describe the event. Do you think Union made a mistake in not following?

Go Back and Click on Slave Identity

12. Click on Blacks who fought for the South: Why would southern blacks want to fight for the Confederate States?

13. Click on Black Confederates: Describe the role that blacks played in the military throughout the war.

Go Back and Click on Women Identity

14. Click on Rose O’Neal Greenhow. Skim the letters – what do you think Rose O’Neal Greenhow’s role was in the Civil War? Why would she be useful?

15. Click on Loreta Janeta Velasquez: Scroll down and read Chapter IV: What did she do for the Confederacy? Honorable or foolish? Why?

Part Two: Timeline. Using the following sources along with your textbook and any other books in the library to complete the worksheet attached. If you have a date, fill in the event. If you have an event, fill in the date. When finished, you will design a timeline in larger scale (see Ms. Donovan for paper) with pictures and in chronological order. Each event should be dated, and have a 2-3 sentence description of what it is and why it is significant. One timeline per group. You may print pictures for the events.

Sources (These links are also available on the APUSH website):

History Place Civil War Library of Congress Civil War Timeline University of Richmond History Engine

University of TN Knoxville Civil War Homepage United States Civil War Database


Information Researched for Timeline

13th Amendment passed

1st Battle of Bull Run/Manassas

April 9, 1865

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of the Wilderness

Battle of Vicksburg

Emancipation Proclamation issued

Fort Sumter fired on, Civil War begins

Sherman’s March

Lincoln Assassinated

March 9, 1862

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