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7. OPINION: What do you think would’ve happened if Kamehameha lost the Battle of Nu’uanu? Explain.

Paragraph 20:

Kamehameha made two attempts to conquer Kaua’i by force. On his first attempt, he sailed with his men in canoes toward Kaua’i, but found himself caught in a storm while crossing the channel from O’ahu and Kaua’i. He and his men were forced to turn back to O’ahu. Prior to his second attempt, an outbreak of disease weakened his forces; so again, he was unable to take Kaua’i. Kaumuali’i, son of the dead chief, Ka’eokulani, realized that he could not win against Kamehameha’s forces surrendered Kaua’i to Kamehameha. This placed the final two islands of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau under Kamehameha’s kingdom. Grateful of the gesture, Kamehameha allowed Kaumuali’i to be his governor of Kaua’i until Kaumuali’i death. The two chiefs became good friends.
9. Why couldn’t Kamehameha conquer Kaua’i and Ni’ihau?

10. What happened to Kaumuali’i after Kamehameha gained control of the last two islands? Why did this happen?

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Visualize It!
In the reading process, one of the strategies that can help you is VISUALIZATION – what images/setting/characters are formed in your mind as you read.

Directions: You will create illustrations for each of the paragraphs that you just read.

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