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4. PREDICT: Do you think Kaiana’s desertion will have a great impact on Kamehameha’s attempt to conquer O’ahu? Why do you think this?

Paragraph 19:

Kamehameha took his fleet around to the leeward coast and came in over the reefs between Wai’alae and Waikiki, where he drew his canoes up on the sand and advanced across the plains. The O’ahuans and Kaiana’s men made a stand in Nu’uanu valley, fighting with their faces to the sea, but even with the advantage of high ground they could not stop Kamehameha. The valley’s hills grew steeper on either side and behind Kaina’s men was a sheer drop of a thousand-foot cliff called the Nu’uanu Pali preventing any retreat. The O’ahuans broke scattering along the cold and windy mountaintops, some escaped by the highest ridges, and some found a path to safety down the dangerous trail to windward side, but most leapt to bloody death on the rocks at the foot of the Pali. Kaiana stood fast and was killed. Kalanikupule escaped and wandered miserably in the highlands for several months until eventually he was cornered and put to death.
5. Why did Kamehameha have an advantage at Nu’uanu Pali?

6. How did a lot of people die in battle?

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