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Paragraph 17:

Kalanikupule’s military advantage of surprise was gone and Kamehameha knew it. Kamehameha himself was as strong as he would ever be. He was unopposed on Hawai’i; he had a tested army and a fleet of canoes and small ships to move his warriors form island to island. In the early months of 1795 he invaded and took Maui and Moloka’i, and then prepared to cross to O’ahu.

1. What other islands were now under Kamehameha’s rule?

Paragraph 18:

Not surprisingly, Kamehameha’s trusted ally Kaiana deserted him. There had been bad blood between them for a long time. Kaiana was handsome and widely traveled, and had foreign weapons of his own. Kamehameha might have felt threatened by him because Kaiana had committed adultery with Kamehameha’s favorite wife, Ka’ahumanu. On Moloka’i Kaiana was excluded from all of the war councils, and he came to think that Kamehameha’s chiefs might be plotting his death. As the fleet crossed from Moloka’i to O’ahu, Kaiana and a number of his men chose a separate course, landed on the windward side, and joined Kalanikupule.

3. Why did Kaiana, Kamehameha’s ally, desert him? Give 3 reasons.

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