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Paragraph 14:

Ka’eokulani never reached Kaua’i. He discovered a plot among his own chiefs to throw him overboard when his canoes left the west coast of O’ahu because the treaty embarrassed them. Ka’eokulani decided that he would not die like a drowned dog so he instead proposed war against Kalanikupule. His chiefs, attracted by the prospect of gaining new lands were ready to follow. Ka’eokulani ordered his canoe fleet hauled up on shore and an overland march on an unsuspecting Kalanikupule began.
3. Why didn’t Ka’eokulani go back to Kaua’i?

4. OPINION: Who do you think will win this battle between Ka’eokulani (from Kaua’i) and Kalanikupule (from O’ahu)? Why do you think this?

Paragraph 15:

Ka’eokulani may have been hoping for a repetition of the recent battle in which Mare Amara had shot and killed an O’ahu war chief. With one shot of the cannon he could be rid of Kalanikupule, and then he would be master of all the Leeward Islands. Ka’eokulani pushed through the ‘Ewa district as far as ‘Aiea in the early part of December 1794. There he was confronted by Kalanikupule, and by the men and muskets of the Englishman William Brown. Ka’eokulani was outnumbered and outmaneuvered. At the end of a day’s fighting his forces scattered and fled. He and his men took to the mountains, and he might have escaped there, but his feather cloak stood out brightly. Brown’s boats inside the eastern arm of Pu’uloa (Pearl Harbor) fired on him and his bright cloak. This pinpointed him for Kalanikupule’s soldiers that attacked from high ground killing him together with his wives and warrior chiefs.
5. How could Ka’eokulani become master of all leeward islands (includes kingdoms of Maui and Kaua’i)?

6. Why didn’t Ka’eokulani have a chance at winning this battle?

7. How was Ka’eokulani killed?

8. How did this battle help Kamehameha in his quest for control of the islands?

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