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Paragraph 9:

Keoua’s path home took him close to the volcanic crater of Kilauea. As his three companies entered the domain of the unpredictable goddess Pele the volcano erupted. Before Keoua and his men could make their way out of danger a terrible eruption trapped them, throwing a cloud of scorching, suffocating smoke across the sun and raining hot cinders on their bare backs. According to an account taken from some of Keoua’s men, “the last of the army which was nearest the volcano at the time of the eruption, seemed to suffer the least injury . . . after the earthquake and shower of sand had passed over. When they went to check on the rest of the army they discovered them all dead and frozen like statues. Some were lying down and others were sitting upright clasping with dying grasp their wives and children their noses joined (their form of expressing affection). They looked so alive that at first they thought they were just resting. When they got close enough to see more clearly they realized they had been wrong.
1. Explain why it might be said that Kamehameha, not Keoua, was favored by Pele.

2. PREDICT: What will Keoua do now that some of his people were killed by the volcanic eruption?

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