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Paragraph 8:

When Kamehameha went home to Hawai’i because war had broken out there. Keawema’uhili, the chief who had started the troubles on Hawai’i in 1782 with his unfair land division was dead--he was killed by his former ally Keoua. Now Keoua was destroying Kamehameha’s lands on the east coast of the island--burning villages and destroying taro patches and fishponds. They fought two fierce battles that decided nothing. Kamehameha then withdrew his armies. Keoua and his warriors and their families quit their attack and prepared to go home to Ka’u, at the south end of Hawai’i.

9. Why did Kamehameha have to return home to Hawai’i (Big Island)?
10. Why do you think Keoua killed Keawema’uhili if they were allies?

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