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UNIFICATION Name________________________________________

WS 1.1 Date_______________________________Pd________

7HHK3.1 – Explain the events, people and ideas that led to the unification of the Hawaiian Islands.
Directions: Read each paragraph of the story below and answer the following questions.
Paragraph 1:

Kamehameha soon showed his intentions. One of Kalani’opu’u’s chiefs rebelled and was killed, and his body was prepared for sacrifice. Kiwala’o who was next in line to become king had the privilege of performing the ceremony at the heiau, and he laid a hog and some bananas on the altar, but before he could complete the rituals Kamehameha stepped forward boldly, picked up the body of the dead chief, and presented it to the gods. This was a serious breach of order and a tremendous insult to Kiwala’o. It left not much doubt that after Kalani’opu’u died his successors would come to fight over their inheritance and who was to become ali`i nui.

1. _____________________ was to be the next ruler after Kalani’opu’u.
2. What was Kamehameha’s “bold” move?

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