Understanding complex needs

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Understanding complex needs

This guide looks at children and young people themselves, the nature of their sensory, physical, learning or medical needs, and how these affect growth and development. We look at attachment issues and sensory integration difficulties.


Part 1: Attachment development in children with sensory needs

Part 2: Sensory integration

Part 3: Mobility and independence for children and young people with complex needs

Part 4: Further guides

Part 1: Attachment development in children with sensory needs

About this part

This part explores attachment development in children with sensory needs. The guide focuses on what is meant by attachment, development of attachment and how we can support parents and carers of children with sensory needs. This guide is written by Mike Brooks, Chartered Educational Psychologist and the Principal Educational Psychologist for Northamptonshire County Council. He writes here in a personal capacity. This guide is informed by his personal experiences from parenting his son, now aged nineteen, who has profound learning and sensory disabilities, by experience of more than twenty years as an educational psychologist (including roles as a specialist in sensory impairment), and by a range of books and articles on attachment theory and child development.

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