Underground Railroad Student/Class Goal

Components of Performance (COPs)

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Components of Performance (COPs)

Determine the purpose for communicating.

Activity Addresses COPs (process)

Each student will take on the persona or point of view of an Underground Railroad (UGRR) participant and provide insights into why the UGRR came to be.

Organize and present the information to serve the purpose, context, and audience.

Students will use their journals to write reading logs and diaries. The group together will develop a Venn diagram to organize information about the three UGRR participants of slave catcher, runaway and station conductor. Using trade books and primary sources (Fugitive Slave Act & Emancipation Proclamation) provides journal writing prompts and background information.

Pay attention to the conventions of the English language usage, including grammar, spelling, and sentence structure to minimize barriers to readers’ comprehension.

Students will share their grammatically correct writing with peers in order to build a graphic organizer for each UGRR participant. Writing should contain few or no errors so other students can explicitly comprehend each description.

Seek feedback and revise to enhance the effectiveness of communication.

After completing the classroom editing and revision process, teacher and students can create a rubric to evaluate essays written for inclusion in student portfolios.

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