Undergraduate Application for Admissions Southwestern Assemblies of God University

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Undergraduate Application for Admissions

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Please Note: All applicants should send a $35 non-refundable application fee with this application.
I understand and accept the above refund policy. Signature (use last 4 digits of Social Security # if electronic):      

General Information Anticipated Enrollment: Fall Spring Summer Year      

Social Security Number      

Enrollment Status: Never attended college Transfer from another college Previous SAGU student from      to      

Attendance Type: On-Campus Dorm Resident On-Campus Commuter The LEAD Program/OSL School of Ministry – SOM (online)

Online Student (age 22 and up) Engage in Missions (online) Dual Credit (online) SOM Site: ____________________

Last Name


First Name


Middle Name




Preferred Name


Current Address






Cell Phone (     )      

Home Phone (     )      

Work Phone (     )      

E-Mail Address 1


E-Mail Address 2


Personal Information





Date of Birth


Are you a veteran?

Yes No

If so, are you receiving any VA benefits?

Yes No Type      

Ethnic Group: African-American American Indian/Alaskan Native Asian Caucasian/White Hispanic/Latino

(Select all that apply) International Student/Nonresident Alien Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Other      

Are you a U.S. Citizen?

Yes No

If not, do you have a green card? Yes No

If no, what is your visa status?       Country of Citizenship?      

Marital Status: Single Married Separated (date      /     /      ) Divorced (date      /     /      )
Please list the name and age of all of your children under age 18:


Parent/Spouse Information

Last Name


First Name






E-Mail Address


Current Address




Last Name


First Name






E-Mail Address


Current Address




Educational Background

Last High School Attended






Type of Diploma Date of High School graduation or GED:

H.S. Grad GED      

High School GPA


List each college/university you have attended. An official transcript from each institution must be sent from the institution directly to the SAGU Admissions Office before acceptance.
School City, State Dates of Attendance GPA Degree Earned




Have you been on academic or disciplinary suspension from any college? (If yes, please explain briefly below.)

Yes No

ACT Score

Composite       English       Math       Reading       Science       Date      

SAT Score

Combined       Reading       Math       Writing       Date      

Educational Goals (Select Field of Study)

Bachelor (4-year) Associate (2-year) Non-Degree Seeking

College of Music and Communication Arts

College of Bible and Church Ministries

College of Business and Education

Church Ministries

Bible and Theology***

Biblical Studies

Children & Family Ministries

Church Leadership***

Ministry Track***

LEAD Track


Church Planting & Revitalization

Counseling Ministries

Intercultural Studies

Media Ministries*

Music Ministries*

Pastoral Leadership

Theological Studies

Youth & Student Ministries


Counseling (Pre-Professional)

Counseling (Pre-Professional) with a Minor

Human Services***


Criminal Justice***


Social Work***

Psychology (Pre-Professional)

Psychology (Pre-Professional) with a Minor

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Social Work

Social Work (Pre-Professional)*

Social Work (Pre-Professional) with a Minor*
Associate Degrees:


Intercultural Studies




General Business

Human Resource Management



Sports Management*

Education (Non-Certification)

Elementary Education

Middle & Secondary Education

Eng. Language Arts/Reading


Social Studies/History

Music Education (All Levels)*




Physical Education (EC-12)*

Theatre Education (EC-12)*


Ancient Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies***




Occupational Leadership**

Associate Degrees:

Business Administration

Early Childhood Education


General Studies

Social Studies

Communication Arts

Communication Studies*

Digital Media Arts*


Music Performance



Associate Degrees:




* On Campus Only

** Online Only

*** Maximum Transfer

Student Profile

SAGU’s admission policy requires all students to have a born-again salvation experience as indicated in John 3:3 and other scriptures. SAGU is open to students of Christian faith and the University teaches a biblical Christian worldview. A copy of the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God is available upon request.

The University also maintains an abstinence policy regarding tobacco, alcohol, any illegal drugs or mind-altering substances, as well as inappropriate sexual conduct of any nature.

Last Name


First Name


Middle Name


Church Attending






Pastor’s Name


If Assemblies of God, what District?




If you hold credentials, indicate which:

Ordained Licensed Certified Minister

Denomination or Fellowship:      

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord? (Romans 10:9-13; John 3:16; and Acts 2:38) Yes No Date of Salvation:      

Do you strive to live a Christian lifestyle? Yes No

Have you been baptized in water? (Mark 16:16) Yes No

Have you received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues? (Acts 2:4) Yes No

Have you used tobacco, alcohol, or any illegal drugs or mind-altering substance or struggled with pornography, homosexuality, or sexual promiscuity in the last 3 years?

Yes No

If yes, which one?       Date of discontinuance      

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes No If yes, please attach a written/typed explanation and provide dates.

Are you currently on Parole? Yes No Are you currently on Probation? Yes No

If yes, provide Parole/Probation Officer’s name and number      

Are you a child or grandchild of a SAGU alumnus? Yes No

If yes, list names and dates of attendance if known.

Name:       Date of attendance      

Name:       Date of attendance      

Short Essay Question

Using 200-500 words, please describe and discuss in a well-written essay how your personal salvation and faith in Christ is lived out in your daily life and your reasons for choosing SAGU.

This essay and information below are considered carefully for admissions and scholarship awarding decisions. (If more space is needed please attach a separate sheet.)


Outline your church and ministry involvement/activities, past and present.

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Outline your school and community involvement/activities, past and present.

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Outline your future educational and career goals.

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I certify that all information in this application is complete and accurate. I understand that acceptance to Southwestern Assemblies of God University is subject to verification of final records from all institutions I have attended. If accepted, I agree to abide by the policies and high moral standards of Southwestern Assemblies of God University, and to be responsible for payment of all educational costs.

Date       Signature (use last 4 digits of SSN if electronic)      

This completed and signed application can be submitted via:
Mail: Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Admissions Office, 1200 Sycamore Street, Waxahachie, TX 75165

Fax: 972-923-8133 Email: Admissions@sagu.edu

Southwestern Assemblies of God University is in compliance with all applicable regulations pertaining to non-discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, and disability in its recruitment, admission, education, financial aid, and employment policies and programs.

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