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Please put this info under Poppy's section:

Camelot House Legacy N the Makin

call name: Poppy

DOB: 6/21/15
Poppy is the newest addition to Camelot House. She caught my eye when she gave me her paw at one month of age and has been my ray of sunshine ever since. Poppy is currently trains at Brylin Obedience Specialty School in obedience, barn hunt and agility. She is also working toward field and hunt titles. In the fall of 2015, Poppy was in a La-Z-Boy print advertisement. She has her very own talent agent and is available for advertising gigs. Poppy is an energetic, fun loving, playful girl who is the perfect student.
Poppy's mother is our very own Daisy who holds Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Test, Certification of Conformation and Barn Hunt titles. Poppy's dad, Hudson, was one-of-a-kind. He "finished his Grand Championship quickly. He went out for a month and came back a GCH. He then earned his RN, and with that he had earned the Versatility Certificate. He was also inducted into the 2012 Eukanuba National Championship Honor Roll."
Poppy was the result of a very selective breeding that produced our beautiful girl. We are enjoying Poppy as a pup and can hardly wait to see just what all she will accomplish in the ring. Her registered name, Camelot House Legacy N the Makin, was chosen because Poppy is the future of Camelot House, a "Legacy n the Makin", carrying on the legacy of Daisy & Hudson.

Please move all of the pictures on the therapy page of Mercedes to her area on the "our dogs section." However, leave the main pic of her in front of the sign on the therapy page, along with the story.

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Please show this wording beside or below the pic of Mercedes with the elderly person's hand on her:
Mercedes & I visited a skilled facility in January of 2016. She walked with her leash dragging, carefully approaching residents. A nurse commented about one man in particular that it was the first time she had seen him smile that day. Mission accomplished...a little cheer to the elderly residents. Feeling blessed!
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Golden Retriever Foundation: http://goldenretrieverfoundation.org/
Morris Animal Foundation: http://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/




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