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TRANSLUCENT STAINS: TL-310 Ginny Tan Twinkle and TL-309 Buckskin Twinkle

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TRANSLUCENT STAINS: TL-310 Ginny Tan Twinkle and TL-309 Buckskin Twinkle

BRUSHES: AB-834 ¾” Basecoat, RB-138 3/8” Angled Shader, CB-110 10/0 Liner, UB and Round AB Drybrushes.
PREPARTATION: After removing cast from mold slip attach slip poured or pressed clay snowman parts to Build-a-Snowman as desired. Allow to dry and clean and fire to cone 04.
BASECOAT: Color to areas as follows: Buttermilk white areas, Rose Mauve – pink areas, Deep PurplePurple areas, Dark Blue – dark blue areas, Wedgwoodlight blue areas, Forest Green – green areas, Old World Santa Red - red areas, Orange – orange areas.
DRYBRUSH: Color to areas as follows: White areas – Buttermilk, White, Blush cheeks with Coral rose added to your brush. Dark blue areas – 2 coats Dark Blue followed with True Blue lightly with 2 to 3 coats. Light blue areas – 2 coats of Wedgwood followed with White added to your brush 2 to 3 light coats. Pink areas – Rose Mauve to White. Purple areas – Deep Purple to White. Green areasForest Green, Country Sage, Limeburst, highlight with Brightest Yellow. Red areas – Old World Santa Red followed with Christmas Red, highlight with Orange. Orange areas – Orange, Orange Peel to Buttermilk.

PAINT: Eyes using True Blue for the irises. Paint dots and lines as desired.


4077 WEAVER CT. S., HILLIARD, OH 43026

(614) 876-1171 www.maycocolors.com

Download 20.18 Kb.

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