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GLAZE: C-109 Clear Dipping

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GLAZE: C-109 Clear Dipping

MISC.: MAYCO BRUSHES: #4 CB 604 Soft Fan, #6 CB-106 Script Liner, 10/0 CB 110 Mini Liner.

Acrylic Sponge
PREPARTATION: After removing cast from mold, cut out handles and pourgates from bags. Slip attach slip poured or pressed clay snowman parts of Build-a-Snowman bag as desired. Place lines using a pencil tip or similar tool. Allow to dry and clean and fire to cone 04.
APPLY STROKE AND COAT: Using the soft fan brush and the script liner apply 3 coats of the base color or colors as follows. (with the exception of 2 coats of white and 4 coats of the Pink- a- Dot) If instructions use more than one base color, blend the color as you apply. Always allow color to dry completely between coats. Color used as follows: PUMPKIN SHAKERS – Orange Ya Happy and Sunkissed to pumpkin, Green Thumb and Sour Apple to stems and leaves. Use a sponge and apply blush to cheeks and noses using Candy Apple Red. GHOST SHAKERSCotton Tail to ghosts, Orange a Peel to hat and 1:1 Sour Apple and Sunkissed to green hat. Sponge on Orange ya Happy to blush cheeks. SNOWMAN BAGS – Blue areas – dark blue 3:1 The Blues and Moody Blue, light blue 1:1 The Blues and Blue Yonder. Pink areas – Pink a Dot. Orange – Orange A Peel. Holly Leaves – 1:1 Sour Apple & Sunkissed, Sour Apple and Green Thumb. Green Scarf – Just Froggy. Red areas – Candy Apple Red. Black – Tuxedo, White – Cotton Tail. Purple – 1:1 Grapel and Purple Haze.

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