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BASECOAT: Turkeys and bases with Chocolate Fudge. DRYBRUSH

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BASECOAT: Turkeys and bases with Chocolate Fudge.
DRYBRUSH: Using the picture as a guide drybrush the turkeys with the following colors. Brick Red, Terra Cotta, Orange Rust, Orange, Orange Peel, Golden Ocher, Marigold and Buttermilk. Drybrush legs and feet with 2 coats of Cherokee Tan, highlight with Golden Ocher. Drybrush beaks with Golden Ocher and then Buttermilk added to your brush to highlight. Drybrush Blue areas with Navy followed with Dark Blue. Drybrush pumpkin vine and leaves with Black Forest, Forest Green and Country Sage.
REBASECOAT: Waddle with Chocolate Fudge and hats with Flat Black.
DRYBRUSH: Waddle with Old World Santa followed with Christmas Red. Drybrush hats lightly with Slate Gray.
PAINT: Eyes using True Blue for the irises. Paint Emperors Gold to the hat buckle. Paint names on pumpkins to personalize.
FINISH: Hook up with electrical.

Download 20.18 Kb.

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