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TRANSLUCENT STAINS: TL-310 Ginny Tan Twinkle and TL-309 Buckskin Twinkle

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TRANSLUCENT STAINS: TL-310 Ginny Tan Twinkle and TL-309 Buckskin Twinkle

BRUSHES: AB-834 ¾” Basecoat, RB-138 3/8” Angled Shader, CB-110 10/0 Liner, UB and Round AB Drybrushes.
PREPARTATION: In wet greenware, cut out stars using Kemper star cut out tools, make an indention with the tool and cut out using an exacto knife by cutting straight lines. Use size star as desired. Cut out pumpkin as shown. Place proper holes in base for electrical hook up. Allow to dry, clean and fire to cone 04 – 05 bisque.
BASECOAT: Color to area as follows: Deep Purple – purple areas, Country Sage – green ghosts and hat, Black Forest – pumpkin vine and leaves, Honey Toast – yellow areas, Orange Rust – orange areas and Navy – blue areas.
DRYBRUSH: Color to areas as follows: Yellow areas – Honey Toast followed with Lemon Meringue, add white to your brush to lighten. Green ghost and hat – Country Sage, Limeburst and Brightest Yellow. Pumpkin vine and leaves – Black Forest, Forest Green and Country Sage. Purple areas – Deep Purple, Pansy, Royal Fuchsia and Deep Purple mixed follow the purple ghost only with Deep Purple and White mixed. Blush cheeks and noses with Coral Rose mixed with the ghosts base color. Blue areas – Navy, Dark Blue and True Blue, add a small amount of White to True Blue to highlight. Orange areas – Orange Rust, Orange, Orange Peel and Honey Toast.
PAINT: Stitches and pumpkin handles with Flat Black. Paint color onto black stitches and rope handles as shown. Paint eyes using True Blue for the irises. Paint check to areas shown using Flat Black. Line using Flat Black.
FINISH: Paint insides of cut out areas with Brightest Yellow. Hook up with electrical.

Download 20.18 Kb.

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