Uncle sam “welcome”

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2718 Uncle Sam “Welcome” 18”T x 11”W $118.00

2701 Welcome Base 13.5”W x 6”D $30.00

OPAQUE STAINS: SS-135 White, SS-133 Eggshell, SS-210 Orange, SS-209 Orange Peel, SS-3 Honey Toast, SS-111 Brightest Yellow, SS-225 Marigold, SS-192 Light Taupe, SS-127 Medium Portrait, SS-51 Coral Rose, SS-100 Old World Santa Red, SS-176 Christmas Red, SS-339, Navy, SS-337 Dark Blue, SS-335 Rich Blue, SS-132 Slate Gray, SS-130 Medium Gray, SS-108 Light Gray, SS-138 Flat Black.

TRANSLUCENT STAINS: TL-310 Ginny Tan Twinkle and TL-309 Buckskin Twinkle

BRUSHES: AB-834 ¾” Basecoat, RB-138 3/8” Angled Shader, CB-110 10/0 Liner, UB and Round AB Drybrushes.

MISC.: Globe Pin Lights, small hand held U.S. flag and electrical hookup.
PREPARTATION: In wet greenware, cut out stars using Kemper star cut out tools, make an indention with the tool and cut out using an exacto knife by cutting straight lines. Use size star as desired. Place holes for pinlights using the large end of Clay Magic tool #1. Place hole in hand next to rocket sign for a hand held flag if desired. Place proper holes in base for electrical hook up. Allow to dry, clean and fire to cone 04 – 05 bisque.
BASECOAT: Using the appropriate size brush for the area as follows: White area using Eggshell, red areas using Old World Santa, blue areas using Navy and orange areas using Orange. Flesh areas using Light Taupe. Hair using Slate Gray, shoes using Flat Black and base using Navy.
ANTIQUE: The entire piece using a 1:1 mix of Ginny Tan Twinkle and Buckskin Twinkle, wipe off excess with a soft cloth.
DRYBRUSH: White areas with 2 coats of Eggshell followed with 2 to 3 coats of White. Drybrush red areas with 2 coats of Old World Santa Red followed with 3 to 4 coats of Christmas Red, highlight red areas with Orange added to your brush. Drybrush orange areas as shown with Orange followed by Orange Peel, Honey Toast, Marigold, Brightest Yellow and then White added to your brush. Notice how the bright orange fades into yellow and then pale yellow. Drybrush flesh with 2 coats of Light Taupe followed with 1 to 2 coats of Medium Portrait. Blush cheeks, mouth, nose and tops of hands with Coral Rose added to your brush. Drybrush hair and beard with Slate Gray followed with Medium Gray and Light Gray.
REBASECOAT: Welcome “firecrackers” and other blue areas necessary with Navy. Basecoat shoes with Flat Black.
DRYBRUSH: Blue areas with Navy followed with Dark Blue, and Rich Blue. Drybrush shoes with Flat Black and Slate Gray mixed.
PAINT: Eyes using Rich Blue for the irises, paint cut areas of stars with Brightest Yellow and paint small stars to firecrackers with White.
FINISH: Hook up with electrical and glue small globe lights as shown.

Download 20.18 Kb.

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