Uncertainty in Postwar Era of wwi and our Modern Times

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Uncertainty in Postwar Era of WWI and our Modern Times

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The Importance of the Past in Our Current Lives:

We know the world we live in through perceptions that are gained by our experiences. These perceptions are influenced by and handed down to us from those who came before. Our collective past, then, in a sense, becomes and is once again alive in the present. What changes however, is that in our present the past takes on new meanings as we relive or re-experience the once was in our “now” or present lives.

One area that this relationship between past and present is visible is within the arts and sciences. Both fields reflect reality and its relation to man.

In the postwar era of World War I global societies experienced a shift in cultural ideas and ideals (see Postwar Uncertainty for a review). Your task for the next two to three days is to investigate current cultural trends in global societies and determine how the postwar culture of WWI compares to societal ideas and ideals of today.


To complete this task you will work in groups of 4 to 5. Each group member will be responsible for an area of investigation or research and report back to the group.

Each member of the group must then answer the following essay question:

How does the postwar culture of WWI compare to societal ideas and ideals of today? Use common threads such as science, technology, art, literature, and film to make your comparison.


Day 1:

  1. Each member of the group must pick one of the following categories to investigate/research: science, technology, visual art, music, literature, film, dance

Day 2:

  1. Share your research with your group members and discuss/analyze the effects on the global society during the postwar era and our modern era

  2. Using what you learned from your own research and from your peers answer the essay question.

Format and Submission:

You may type the essay (remember to double space) or hand write the essay neatly on lined paper. I expect the essay to be 3 to 4 paragraphs in length.

The topic sentence should address the initial question while the body of the essay should make comparisons by providing examples.

The concluding paragraph should provide insight into how our current society/culture is represented in the sciences/arts and what effect it is having or may have in the future.

The completed essay and research chart is due Monday, March 23rd 2015.

Post WWI Era (1919-1940)

Contemporary Era (2000s)



Art (visual)


Post WWI Era (1919-1940)

Contemporary Era (2000s)




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